How it works

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Discover and learn about best-in-class technology vendors

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Step 2

Refer suitable technology vendors to your clients

Step 3

Earn your commission once vendor closes your referral deal

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How we select our technology vendors

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Best-In-Class Products

Our vendors must have a truly great technology product specifically designed for local businesses.

Stellar Customer Service

Technology vendors go above and beyond for their local business customers. A high TrustPilot score is a great starting point.

Support for our Pros

ProspectWise must have buy-in at the executive level. Vendor companies consider our Pros a valuable extension of their own sales teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ProspectWise do?

We connect local businesses to innovative technology through trusted relationships. We believe technology empowers local businesses to stay competitive, affording them opportunities to generate more sales, create jobs, and save time.

Why work with ProspectWise?

With our model you aren’t required to sell. As a sales rep, you're likely referring new products to your clients on an informal basis, and we want to make sure you get paid for those referrals. Once you submit a referral to us, we work closely with the sales team on the vendor side to close that account on your behalf. When it closes, you are paid a healthy commission.

Can anyone work with ProspectWise?

No, we're quite selective. An ideal candidate has existing relationships with local businesses and extensive experience in sales

How do I collect a referral?

Most Pros collect referrals through their local business relationships. Next time you visit a client, simply ask if any of our technology solutions would be helpful to them. If they're interested, log into your platform and submit as a referral.

How do I submit referrals?

All Pros (ProspectWise reps) are given complimentary, individual access to our platform where they can submit referrals, track commissions, communicate with vendors, view sales progress, etc.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid on the 15th and 30th via PayPal.

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